Tapas Menu

    • From Josper - Charchoal oven

    • Shellfish Inferno

      NOK 189

      HotHotterRed King Crab, prawns and mussels with garlic and chili.
      Allergens: M, C, SH, MO, E

    • Mussels

      NOK 126

      sterkSteamed mussels in a pepper and coconut sauce with chili and garlic.
      Allergens: MO

    • Grilled Klippfisk

      NOK 186

      With cabbage stew and chorizo.
      Allergens: M, S, F

    • Red King Crab

      NOK 224

      Red King Crab au gratin with garlic.
      Allergens: M, SH, E

    • Cod Chuck

      NOK 142

      In parma ham, carrot and vanilla purée, tomato and chili salsa
      Allergens: F, W, M, S

    • Scallops au gratin

      NOK 138

      HotWith estragon butter and arugula mayonnaise.
      Allergens: M, MO, E, F

    • Shrimp Pil Pil

      NOK 128

      HottestHotterHotShrimp in cayenne and garlic.
      Allergens: SH, M

    • Pig wings

      NOK 141

      HotPig wings with cole slaw.
      Allergens: W, SS, S

    • Teriyaki chicken

      NOK 128

      Chicken with onion compote.
      Allergens: W, SES, S

    • Duck

      NOK 158

      Breast from Norwegian duck with chestnut purée, blackberry sauce and roasted almonds.
      Allergens: SS, N, M, C

    • Meatballs

      NOK 118

      Meatballs with arugula mayonnaise.
      Allergens: C

    • Entrecôte

      NOK 188

      Charcoal grilled entrecote with herb butter and crispy onion.
      Allergens: M, F, S, W

    • Rack of Lamb

      NOK 176

      Marinated rack of lamb with grilled potatoes/tomatoes and pomegranate kernels.
      Allergens: M

    • Spare Ribs

      NOK 158

      HotMarinated spare ribs with grilled corn.
      Allergens: M, MU, SES, E, SS

    • Desserts

    • Dessert of the Day

      NOK 48

      Ask for our selection of desserts.

    • Cold Dishes

    • Parma Ham

      NOK 148

      Allergens: M, E

    • Cheese Platter

      NOK 154

      Kraftkar from Tingvollost, goat cheese from Balsfjord, manchego, and orange marmelade.
      Allergens: M, W, B, N, E

    • Cured meat and cheese board

      NOK 192

      Parma ham, salame, manchego, parmesan, olives and marinated tomatoes
      Allergens: M, N

    • Warm Chorizo

      NOK 98

      Picante, potatoes, and red onions.
      Allergens: M

    • Reindeer Trio

      NOK 134

      Mydland's smoked reindeer filét, flatbread, cranberries and sour cream.
      Allergens: M, W, B

    • Salmon Tataki

      NOK 126

      Spicy salmon with ponzo sauce and seaweed.
      Allergens: F, W, S, SES

    • Bacon Dates

      NOK 116

      Bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with manchego.
      Allergens: M

    • Tomato and mozzarella

      NOK 92

      Tomatoes, basil and balsamic syrup.
      Allergens: M, SS

    • Bruschetta

      NOK 42

      Allergens: W

    • Bruschetta Catalan

      NOK 68

      Garlic, cherry tomatoes and salt.
      Allergens: W

    • Side Orders

    • Tapenade

      NOK 44

      Allergens: E, M, F

    • Aioli

      NOK 44

      Allergens: M, C, E

    • Olives

      NOK 56
    • Cole Slaw

      NOK 48

      Allergens: M, MU, E, SS

    • Asparagus beans with bacon

      NOK 62

      Allergens: M

    • Grilled corn

      NOK 46

      Allergens: M

    • Garlic mushrooms

      NOK 56

      Allergens: M

    • Amandine Potatoes

      NOK 52

      Allergens: M

    • Patatas Bravas

      NOK 78

      SterkAllergens: M, E


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